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Why social media in in-store marketing makes perfect sense?

Social media, in many cases, is a missed opportunity in terms of digital in-store marketing. According to the survey by retail
TouchPoints only 21% of the retailers said they promoted their social presence in-store. At the same time 66% of the retailers said they have a social media strategy in place.

An opportunity for many:

We believe that digital in-store marketing is going to see a big change. Many retailers are faced with questions such as “How to improve the in-store shopping experience?” or “How to engage consumers and upsell products more effectively?”

When the retailer has a digital signage network in place, or is planning on to set one up, it makes perfect sense to promote and encourage social engagement on those screens located in the stores. Here are three reasons for adding social to be part of your content strategy and connecting social media and the store.

Social Media on Digital Signage is free advertising

POP CroppedPolarn O. Pyret, the Swedish manufacturers of children’s quality clothing, have combined their digital in-store marketing and social media. The solution is simple. The media screens are showing all posts coming from P.O.P Finland Facebook and Instagram accounts. This process does not require moderation, since it’s their marketing team that is posting.

The results?

With Social Media on Digital Signage Polarn O. Pyret  have seen a positive impact on spreading the Facebook posts and Instagram content to offline environment such as an actual store. While customers are at the cashier counter, they can easily get an update on the latest news and offers, since the screens are located right behind the sales person.

Use social to do more with less

Social media, from the Digital Signage network operator’s point of view, means outsourcing parts of the content production. It is now possible to automate the publishing process, from the plethora of social media applications, to display the latest information on digital signage. The viewers and customers create the content and since this is automatically formatted for digital signage, the workload for the operator is minimal.

Bring social media to stores to  generate more Buzz

Show the customers what is happening with the brand globally. If you are doing good, let the customers share their brand experience and all you need to do is show it. According to the study by Ernst & Young 90% of the consumers trust peer recommendation and and socialmediaonly 14% trust advertising.

Bring all of your social media channels into your stores to widen their reach and stimulate sales through peer recommendations, trending and selective hashtag following. You control the content you display which is created by your customers.

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Valotalive is a content discovery platform that makes it easy for information to find the right people. We provide various content applications, such as social media, for digital signage.

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