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3 tips for effective digital signage content strategy

valotalive_frontpagebanner1 (1)Some say that it was Bill Gates who originally used the phrase “Content is King”, in his article back in 1996. IT blogger Craig Bailey, as an example, has posted this article in its original form in his blog from 2010.
It’s one thing to select the right kind of hardware and service for Digital Signage for retail in-store marketing or corporate communications purposes. Next up is Content, but how to make sure it’s the correct type and presented in a format that would lead to maximised impact? How to manage this process in the long run with minimal effort? A good content strategy is needed to answer these and many more questions.

Here are three topics that everyone should consider when putting together a content strategy for retail or internal communications digital signage.

Maximise the impact – start with objectives and audience

A well planned digital signage content strategy can help organisations to make sure that their key objectives will be achieved. The key objectives for investing in digital signage need to be well thought out and documented.

Some typical objectives for the investment in digital signage can be:

Digital Retail in-store marketing

1. Increase sales

2. Enhance brand image

3. Enhance in-store customer experience

Internal communications

1. Boost motivation

2. Communicate in time metrics in visual format to drive action

3. Increase workplace health & safety awareness

Prompt an action e.g. complete your pulse survey by the end of the week

It should be the foundation of the content strategy to link Digital Signage use cases to support key business priorities. The right messages need to be delivered to the right audiences. This requires identifying the target audience groups and knowing your audience.

Do more with less

One of the challenges network operators come across is how to keep up with the need for producing new content and updated content in the short term and in the long run. Content production process planning can help in doing more with less and optimising resources.

On the high level there are three options for updating and producing content;

1 Operate manually in-house,

2 Outsourced to a digital agency for a bespoke design

3 content services – automated, real time, set it and forget it visuals for digital signage

Many of our customers use the 70/30 rule. That means using automated content services as 70% of the total playlist and operate in house and outsource content as 30%. There is no one size fits all, but this is a good rule of thumb to remember to make life easier.

Use “Extremely up-to-date information”

How to grab and maintain the attention of the audience? The main challenge for anyone operating Digital Signage is Display Blindness.  Dr. Jörg Muller, in his research, has described this as follows:

“Similar to the effect of Banner Blindness on the Web, displays for which users expect uninteresting content (e.g. advertisements) are often ignored.”

The key to success is to display relevant and engaging content. Relevant in this context means what is meaningful for me at that moment. There are content services to use in making sure there are up to date information on at all times:

There are a number of content services that are available to ensure an audience is engaged with up to date information at all times.

“If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will…”, are some of the words from Mr. Gates’ article.

Do you have a Digital Signage project and would like to know more about content automation and content strategy? Please enter your contact information and our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

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