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Valotalive service update – News 2.0 engine

Valota’s services are constantly evolving, in large part due to the ideas our customers share with us, as they communicate their own stories on digital signage.  Developing our services is a way of life for Valota as we work with our clients to build interesting and engaging smart content services for digital media. This blog marks a major product launch for Valotalive, News 2.0 (a preview video can be found below), and a shift to a new, more engaging way of displaying news items on a range of popular topics.

The typical news services out there, (I include our original offering in this category), include no movement leading to a bland and passive viewer experience.  We were asked by a number of customers to make their displays more dynamic, engaging and eye catching.

Movement is the one key aspect that catches attention, even out of the corner of the eye, so we set about the challenge – how to bring dynamic movement to a digital signage news service.  Achieving this is more complex than it sounds since the news content is constantly updated and includes pictures and text in different sizes and layouts.  As with all of our services, these differing news items need to be dynamically rendered for display on digital signage in Landscape, or Portrait, or part screen layout depending upon the content manager’s preference.  It is a cornerstone of the platform that, whatever the layout and size given over to our content, the formatting of the display looks great.

We are proud to present our News 2.0 engine with animation and multiple image handling capabilities. The new News 2.0 service brings the 10 most recent news articles from a chosen category to your customer’s digital signage screens. Where the news content contain an image, or multiple images, the service is designed to provide the optimum viewer experience.

Check out the following link for a short video showcasing the News 2.0 service: 

The articles now scroll down with a nice fluid motion. Images are brought to you alongside the article and are switched smoothly where several images are linked to the news. The combination of the movement and image handling grab audience attention and result in a quality viewing experience.

In summary the new features with News 2.0 are:

1. 10 most recent news contents shown in a single spot with a smooth eye catching transitio

2. 1 – n images are shown with a single news article depending on how many images the news agency is providing for that specific news item

3. Branding options available with over 2000 instantly deployable fonts and wide selection of color palettes

4. Company logo can also be added to the news layout

Having news on the playlist is a great way to keep your customer’s digital signage screens up-to-date with no manual labour. This is an excellent way to entertain and bring information to your audience.

The News 2.0 engine uses HTML5 and can run on any mediaplayer with Chrome or IE11 browser.

Fill out your information on our contact us page to request your free 30 day trial of Valotalive News 2.0.

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