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How Internal Communications paints the big picture with attention to the little data


Internal communication – a tool for strategy execution

Internal communications is the tool to execute the company’s strategy and to attain and retain the best performers could be listed as one of the key objectives along the way. Employees are company’s greatest asset.

Here’s the deal:

When employees understand the big picture and their role in it, engagement happens. Engaged employees go the extra mile. Going extra mile means increased productivity that will lead to better bottom line results.

Open and social organisations need more information

The theory is simple. The execution? A bit more complicated. Communications professional Sarah Hall from Sarah Hall Consulting addressed a common challenge that we are facing today in terms of communications and employee engagement. Fast based digital transformation brings more competition and a rapidly changing business environment. To address this she states;

“There’s an increasing expectation for organisations to be open and transparent; and organisations are striving to become social. The shift to social organisations is a huge opportunity for IC.”

Digital workplace communications – big picture with attention to the little data

There’s actually a paradox that the communication professionals are facing;

  • The pace of business is increasing
  • The employees require more information to be communicated to feel informed
  • There’s the demand to translate surrounding complexity to internal simplicity

Talk about a demanding job?!

Keeping it simple, while things around of us get complicated, is the correct approach. Journalist Gloria Lombardi recently quoted writer Shel Israel in Marginalia, the publication on the future of work;  

“…It is not the huge amount of data that really matters. Instead, attention should be given to the little data, those little pieces of information that make us smarter and enable us to keep up with, and make sense of, an accelerating world. Give the little spoonfuls that everyday individuals want and need”

How can you address the problem?

This got us thinking and we put together a smart concept what we call the Company Pulse. The Company Pulse is a flow of information that will show live the latest activities from different operational areas throughout the organisation. The entire flow of information will be automated. All content is based on live data, retrieved from different business applications and is delivered in visual format to Digital screens placed throughout the office campuses – employee facing digital signage. The pulse is our view of the the little spoonfuls of information and data required to paint the big picture

Company Pulse to suite the future workplace

As the workplace evolves, it is important for the communications professionals to understand the technology landscape and new platforms that can create productivity. The communicators can be much more efficient in work with smart solutions.

Here is “the menu,” the What, Why and How to create the Company Pulse. The big picture means automated, live data in visual format empowering employees with constant flow of relevant information. The below mentioned areas, at least, should be covered in Company Pulse. Give the employees a little bit of data and insights about the daily activities of each function.


currency-1What: Show & celebrate the latest deals the sales team has closed. Visualise the live opportunity pipeline to highlight the ongoing sales projects.

Why: Communicate how are we doing in terms of sales, what are the accounts that we are working on right now.

How: Visualise the information stored in the CRM applications.



socialmedia-1What: Highlight the latest news related to company’s brand communications.

Why: Answer to the questions how do we communicate outside right now – to our partners in business and customers.

How: Visualise the tweets and posts going out from company’s social media accounts.


Delivery & support

development-2What: Highlight company’s biggest accounts in leaderboard format

Why: Highlight & promote the largest customers who are doing the most business with us.

How: Visualise the data that can be found from CRM and or ERP



Internal Communications

premiumcontent-1What: Broadcast relevant company news related to strategy execution and operational excellence.

Why: Automate and align different communication channels to create an internal omni channel approach.

How: There is great content that can be pulled from intranet and other company related online publications. Also consider highlighting the latest health & safety information in visual format. 



mobile-1What: Share information how customers are communicating with the company in social media or on other applications.

Why: Make the customers’ voice visible within the company.

How: Highlight trending topics or follow a certain discussion in social media. Filter and visualise the flow of tweets and posts, with a selected hashtag, live on employee facing digital screens.

The Results


Keeping employees up to date about the picture will drive engagement. Being able to see the high-level, real-time status of the daily activities across the organization, from Sales to Delivery to Support, will empower effective decision making at all levels. At the same time it will create a sense that we employees are all in this together. Employees will feel better connected.


Would you like to know more how to drive your employee communication to the next level? Please enter your contact information below and our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

Valotalive is a content discovery platform that makes it easy for information to find the right people. For Further information you can contact us here, we are happy to help!

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