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4 easy tips to make Social Media work well on Digital Signage

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-12-49-32Using social media on digital signage is a great tool to make the link between the digital and physical worlds. Many companies are looking into this opportunity to better engage with their target audience and to benefit from use user-generated content on digital signage.

But there’s a catch.

To use social media on digital signage, businesses link their social media accounts to show posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as an example. Why and how to do this requires a bit of planning to make things work and to avoid the most common pitfalls. This article gives marketers and communicators four actionable tips to make sure that social media works well with digital signage.

Tip #1 List your objectives to maximise the impact

Social media is a great asset and can work in digital signage for sure. The first thing to do is to have a content strategy plan in place. Ask yourself, what is the role of social media on digital signage? Having clear objectives in mind help to shape the concept and to get the most out of the service.

Why would you use social on Digital Signage?

Once you are clear with the objectives. You’ll be ready to look for the right type of service and solution.

Tip #2 Plan for moderation to optimise the process

socialmedia-1The social media updates for digital signage can be fully automated. However it is good to be aware of the fact that all content will be displayed as it is in this case. In some cases further control, to avoid any possible misuse and unwanted content, might be needed.

There are different solutions and approaches to make this work.

We list two simple options below:

Following a specific account

Highlighting the tweets and posts going out from the selected account. This means that only the company generated content will be displayed on digital signage.

Manual Moderation

Moderation typically comes into question when you are displaying audience generated posts live. This means following a hashtag (#) specific discussion. The moderation can be done by a dedicated team or third-party. With the moderation tools they can choose and highlight the best posts or tweets that would go live.

Tip #3 Use Images to drive engagement


A layout example of live Twitter on Digital Signage

Always include photos to your posts and tweets. Period. Digital Signage is visual communication. Having images to go along with your text in your posts just looks SO much better, especially on Digital Signage.

Using images creates engagement as well. The studies show that the same applies to web as well.

Why does this matter?

Facebook posts that have photos generate 53% more likes.
Tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted that tweets with no images.

Tip #4 Promote Social & Digital Signage capability to drive action

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-13-59-32You have linked the physical and digital worlds with Social Media on Digital Signage. To make the capability to stand out, promotion is needed.


Whether it is a matter of a promotional event, internal communication or brand marketing – the audience need to know about the services.

How can you actually do this?

Promote the possibility for the audience to join & follow the conversation:

  1. Promote the capability on digital signage screens
  2. Promote the capability on intranet, presentations and newsletters.
  3. Remember to include the Call To Action on screens – encourage the audience to Follow, Tweet or Share.

Would you like to know more of how to engage with your audience by using social media on digital signage? Please enter your contact information below and our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

Valotalive is a content discovery platform that makes it easy for information to find the right people. We provide various content applications, such as social media, for digital signage.

For Further information you can contact us here, we are happy to help!

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