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Two fast and actionable tips to drive retail employee engagement

Drive Retail employee engagement with digital signageHere’s an interesting quick fact #1 right upfront.

According to a research by Aberdeen Employee engagement programs help companies enjoy 26% greater annual increase in revenue.

As employee engagement is a big opportunity it can be quite a challenge for retailers at the same time.

Many companies have a former retail engagement program in place already. The challenge is communication in retail-store environments. This we’ll discuss more in the chapter two, so keep on reading.

We give here two fast and actionable tips that well performing companies use in communication to inspire and engage their employees.

#1 Communicate facts & success to engage

Communication is the real work of leadership

Nitin Nohria, Dean Harvard Business School

Communicate the facts to increase attention

Frontline workforce can be a tough audience. There can be a big difference in age, education and prior work experience between the employees.

Here’s the catch.

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-13-09-23Communicating relevant information might mean very many different things to a diverse audience. But there’s a low hanging fruit here, everybody is interested to know how are we doing in terms of performance.

With the technology that we have today, it is possible to automate live KPIs in a visual format for retail employees.

Many retailers today use data visualisation to link employee engagement with performance. Re-inforce your engagement program by using best practices that empower employees with information.

Celebrate success stories and good performance to boost morale

Recognising success is a very powerful tool to engage with employees. When someone does a good job, that should be recognised. Everybody likes to be noticed.

Visualise employee success stories in a new way. Post new wins and happy customer stories on social media. Launch a Twitter hashtag for employee specific tweets #werock as an example.

#2 Do more with less and increase reach at the same time

The quick fact #2

Reaching the employees with the right messages to drive engagement is crucial. According to a survey Gallup only 13% of employees are engaged in their work.

Here’s the challenge

How the communication and management team can reach retail frontline employees then? It is a fact that the store staff can not be reached in the same ways as the knowledge workers. The store staff spends the most their time on the floor.

They might not have the same tools (laptop or mobile) and do not have the time to go through emails, intranets or post it note boards. How to reach everybody and not add workload at the same time?

The solution?

Digital Signage for retail employee communication can be a very impactful tool to reinforce engagement program. Digital signage is a medium that is optimal for communicating the facts with live data visualisation. Also social walls, such as employee specific Twitter hashtags to celebrate success work well and provide relevant information in new and exciting ways.

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