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Digital Signage in internal communication – the next generation

Digital Signage in internal communicationDid you know that Digital Signage is one of the key applications in the digital workplace toolbox? Why, you may wonder.

The way we collaborate, receive and consume information changes as we are always connected. Traditional methods and channels of communication are not meeting employees evolving needs.

Below we give three tips how digital signage in internal communication can benefit from next generation content applications.

Before that it’s good to understand why communicators need to pay attention to shift in employee mindset.

Digital Signage meeting the shift in employee mindset

Always Connected employees expect information to find them:

As the workplace evolves it is important for executives and communication professionals to understand that there are shifts in employee expectations towards employee communication.

The matter of the fact is that employees, regardless of the profession need the right information right now. Employees expect that relevant information will find them, when they need it.

Digital Signage Content Applications to create new value

What are digital signage content applications?

Digital Signage content applications could loosely be compared to the applications on your smartphone. They run on top of the foundational operating system and you would choose the ones to use, based on your needs.

One application typically connects to one data point or content source. This could be a business application to provide visual information to a wider audience or intranet to scale the reach for company relevant news. Some examples of business applications that we have been working with are CRM, ERP systems, Enterprise Health and Safety reporting tool or even social media.

Set it and forget it – do more with less:

The Digital Signage applications work in a “set it and forget” manner. As the data in the main source is updated, the content provided by the app updates and re-draws itself on the fly. Built in automation allows content manager to do more with less.

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Digital Signage in internal communication shortens communication’s time to market

We list below three tips how digital signage in internal communication can drive results.

#1 Use Real time information to shorten communication’s time to market

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-19-04-48Leading companies align their organisation with visual real-time information using digital signage applications to increase productivity and to empower employees with information in order to have stronger engagement. This applies to many industries such as retail, manufacturing and IT. They have realised that digital signage content applications are a great tool to distribute live information to wide audience to shorten the communication’s time to market without additional work.

#2 Use organisation wide information to break silos

Creating employees a flow of information that shows live and visual updates from different operational areas throughout the organisation will also break down the silos that may be in place.

#3 Create a Data Driven culture to increase engagement

The above mentioned leading companies are encouraging a data driven culture through incorporating dynamic applications into digital signage. As organisations are paying more attention to providing a better employee experience Digital Signage application play an important part in communications tool set. Making sure the the right information finds the right people increases both productivity and engagement. This will lead to better bottom line results.

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How do you see the workplace communication evolving in the future? Leave a comment or question below, we’d be happy to hear more!

Valotalive.com is a content discovery platform that makes it easy for information to find the right people.

We provide Digital Signage content applications that make this possible. Contact Us to learn more!


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