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How to link Digital Signage with Digital Workplace

An office with a view, laptop and coffeeWhy it matters?

Successful companies in the future are the ones that are able align people, technologies and workplaces. They are also able to break barriers in between. They are able to empower their employees with the right tools and information to be more productive and engaged.

New ways of working with new technologies, increased collaboration, increased transparency will lead to innovation. Innovative ideas that are executed well bring competitive advantage.

That’s’ why.

What is Digital Workplace?

We tried to keep things simple and define the Digital Workplace as follows:

“Digital workplace is the collection of tools and platforms that help digitising the business processes throughout the organisation to enable more productive ways of working and to enable increased agility.”


Many companies say they believe in digital disruption. At the same time quite a few feel that they are not ready for digital disruption as this Deloitte study shows. That’s why it is important to increase awareness about the opportunities digitisation brings and discuss about the concrete actions that can be taken on that path. The full infographic can be found here: MIT

What are the core elements to Digital Workplace?

As mentioned people, workplace and technology are at the center of digital workplace.


People are the ones that Create and Consume information. People make decisions and take actions based on the information.

People – employees and customers are the audience that will use many channels for communication. Digital Signage due to it’s visual and data driven nature is one of the key channels in digital workplace.

Further reading: See how Polarn O. Pyret, the Swedish manufacturers of children’s quality clothing, uses Valotalive to combine their digital in-store marketing and social media.


The platforms and tools that enable new ways of working, increased collaboration – all the elements that help us to digitise our processes – technology is the enabler.

We believe that the future productive growth comes in the form of new digital platforms that can rearrange and mashup information in an intelligent way to make it more valuable. These content discovery platforms, that combine multiple data sources, will deliver content and information within context for the specific target audience.

We are moving towards the Post Search era.


Besides the physical workplace it’s the culture that matters. How do we collaborate and what do we expect from each other?

There are many ways to drive the company culture forward:

  • Sharing best practices – you can read more here and here
  • Employee recognition
  • Transparently visualising and sharing business related KPIs in real time – you can read more here and here

These are some key use cases that successful companies do and they use digital signage as a medium to increase the attention in delivering the information.

Further reading: See how Startup Sauna,Northern Europe’s most prominent accelerator, uses Valotalive to enhance member experience in Co-Working space.

The intersection of workplace, technology and people

It’s important to understand that we work in the intersection of the workplace, technology and people. Digital Workplace is not about technology alone. The combination of all three needs to be taken into account when creating digital strategies for businesses.

digital workplace framework infographic

NetJMC framework

For further information about employee engagement & digital signage, you can contact us here. We are happy to speak with you.

For further reading we suggest taking a look at the “Foundational Framework for the organisations in the digital age” by NetJMC That can be found here

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