Employee Engagement / Product Update

New! Twitter Grid & Web apps available in Valotalive

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 15.59.22It’s time for another Valotalive update. There are two new apps available that we think you will like. Twitter Grid is a nice visualisation of live Tweets. The app includes animation with new Tweets. The second is a very handy Web App that makes it possible to show external web pages on your display.

As always, the apps can work as a standalone content for the info screens or they can be added to Valotalive Flow. The Flow brings a nice stream of relevant content, from various data sources, in a smart way to the displays.

Let us introduce you further to the new apps we have published.

Twitter Grid – Go Live with Twitter Wall

The new Twitter Grid app displays Tweets as a Twitter Wall on your display.  You can now really show the buzz and bring social media into the physical space. The view can be optimised to suit your needs. You may adjust the amount of columns and rows in the view, depending on the size of the display you are using at each specific location. The app also includes animation with new Tweets as they drop in.

Twitter Grid is a great live Tweet tool to engage with your employees inside the office or to engage with the visitors in an event, to name a few use cases.

Valotalive Twitter Grid is a Twitter Wall with a customisable layout

Use relevant social media content with digital signage in order to drive user engagement and interactivity while reducing your content management costs.


Web App to support external URLs

Valotalive Web app shows an external URL i.e dashboard, lunch menu or transportation information on your display. The app itself is very easy to use. To keep things simple just copy and paste your favourite website url into the app.

Valotalive Web app shows an external URL i.e dashboard, lunch menu or transportation information on your Valotalive display.

Valotalive Web app will auto-refresh the content to makes sure everything is up to date and the latest information can be seen without any manual work from the content manager. Every URL will be approved by Valotalive support before going live in order to secure content quality and be sure of customer security.

How to activate?

For Valotalive customers the new apps can be found in a familiar location in Valotalive. Just click “Create App” in Apps Tab, locate the new apps and activate. Try them out!

Create new Valotalive app



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