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New secure Google Slides app, Multipage support for PDFs

Valotalive Google Slides and Multipage Support for PDFEven though Valotalive is all about automating and visualising content from various sources, customers often have further needs to supplement that flow of information with local updates. This month we are excited to introduce a secure Google Slides app that meets enterprise level standards. We also have a new highly asked feature to our existing My Content app. Both help our customers manual post content to the flow with an ease.

Let’s jump right in.

A secure Google Slides App

It is known fact that everyone likes to use those tools that they already know. New Google Slides app by Valotalive allows you to display content that is created in Google Slides. All editing later on can be done in Google slides as well – add images and text and adjust company themes just as you like.

Valotalive Google Slides app with high securityThe way we have built the app including the integration is very secure to meet those standards that our customers prefer and are used to with Valotalive. As we are using the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization, there’s no need to publish anything to the web regarding the presentation. It’ also very easy to authenticate with Google credentials. Just a few clicks and you are good to go.

My Content supports Multipage PDF files

Valotalive My Content



My Content is a publishing tool for instant posting. Communication and content managers can publish premade content on the go using mobile or laptop. Posts can include text, images, videos or documents (PDF).
We have now added a multipage support for PDF files for My Content. This means that you can now turn your Powerpoint presentation into a PDF file and upload that to Valotalive using My Content.

Valotalive supports Multipage PDF files

My Content automatically recognises that there are several pages included in the file. All you need to do is hit send. Valotalive plays automatically each page at a time in a row. This saves time and increases productivity.

How do I get started?

For Valotalive customers the new Google Slides can be found in a familiar location, just click “Create App” and you’ll locate the new app there. Existing Valotalive My Content users do not need to do anything, the new feature is in use today!

We welcome new customers to take a look and create their free account here.

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