Product Update

New Valotalive app for Universe is out

Valotalive for Universe layout

What is Universe?

Universe is the enterprise intranet designed for Google ecosystem. It is an Agile and user-centric platform combining traditional intranet with modern team communication.


“The biggest benefit that our customers have realized through using Universe is that it saves them time. It gives access to all of the company information from a single intuitive interface.” – Perttu Ojansuu, CEO, Co-Founder Get Universe

Valotalive app for Universe

Universe includes Digital workspaces, which are called Channels. They not only make it easier for every employee to participate in discussions and voice their opinions, but they also act as central repositories for valuable knowledge.

Based on the high demand from Customers, Valotalive team has built a great new app for Universe. With Valotalive App for Universe customers can reach their employees with internal messaging in a smart way. Posts in different Universe Channels are now visible live on infoscreens to reach the entire staff with visual location based media.

Valotalive turn key app

Customers that are using Universe can now easily integrate Valotalive with Universe with a turn key application. 


“Valotalive extends the reach of digital workplace communications. The dynamic and automated flow of information from Valotalive on infoscreens is a smart and effective channel for internal communications. The fact that Universe can now be activated in Valotalive with a turn-key application with a few clicks is a great value add for Universe customers.” – Perttu Ojansuu

How it works?

Once you have logged in into Valotalive, just click “Apps” tab and the” Digital Signage apps”. You may then browse through the list. You’ll locate the new app for Universe there. You can also sort the list alphabetically or you can filter the apps using categories (choose Visual Business Information) on the top part of the screen.

Activate your app in two minutes. Just follow these steps:

Valotalive for Universe

Act now before we are all sold out…!

If you do not yet have a Valotalive account, you may create one here. You can also contact our friendly support in case you need any assistance in setting up your account or activating the app for Universe.

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